Saturday, March 08, 2008

mon petit chouchou / 我的小寵物

一歲半的小方,是我們的小寵物,總是跟在大人的屁股後面,迫不及待的模仿我們的動作,重複我們說過的話,然後再加上自己的奇想,說出來的話俘虜了一 拖拉庫的心。

Von, one year and seven months old, is our "petit chouchou." He follows closely the adults, waiting to imitate what we do and repeat what we say. With a touch of his own whim, his words capture a truck of hearts.

小方洗完澡後,看著水泡被捲進排水洞,會認真地說:「轉轉轉,see you!」

After the shower, looking at the bubbles sucked into the hole, Von would say seriously, "Turn turn turn, see you!"